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In an ethereal embrace of destiny and dreams...

"This bridge is where our dreams are tied together. The place where we fight. Me, for my dreams. You, for yours. Please, don't resent me."
(「この橋はそれぞれの夢へとつながる。戦いの場所。ボクは ボクの夢の為に。君達は 君達の夢の為に。恨まないで下さい」)

Dive into the next chapter of Porzia's mesmerizing journey. From the very first page, Magic engulfs you and sweeps you off into an enchanting realm where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. With Porzia as our beacon, we traverse through heartaches, passion, and enchantment.

Emerging from a poignant period of grief, Porzia's search for the twin flame of her soul leads her to the intricate tapestries of Japan. Here, a serendipitous rendezvous with a mysterious, irresistibly charming artist thrusts her into a tempestuous maelstrom of desire and emotion. Their souls, in symphony with the ethereal melodies of music, entangle in a languorous dance of fate and feeling.

The Bridge Across Times by Giuliana Sica
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