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Among the Cloud Dwellers. A sensuous magical novel.

The Magician and the Two of Cups.

The two cards danced in front of me...

My hand reached out. And in the darkness I rolled a set of dice.



Epicurean globetrotter, Porzia Amard, has left her French-Italian roots and her beloved wine-making family in Tuscany behind to pursue a career as a food and wine writer in the U.S., eventually settling in Florida; Pensacola, to be exact, where hurricanes abound. And in 1999—at the end of the millennium and before the rise of digital devices—on the forceful tail end of one particular hurricane her life suddenly takes a mystical turn. Beside her beloved grandmother’s deathbed, Porzia unexpectedly inherits a legacy of unusual powers, embarking her on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery.


After a past life regression introduces a distant soul mate, revealing a love so intense it has resisted the tarnishing of time, Porzia abandons the straightforward path and finds herself embroiled in a world of esoteric secrets. When she meets famed off-road racer Gabe Miller, Porzia is swept up in a fiery, impassioned affair, and as they experience a love only few of us can imagine, let alone have ever savored, she believes Gabe may be her lost soul mate reincarnated. But Gabe’s elusive past and a private promise which he is unable to reveal complicate matters.


From a hilltop village of Tuscany to the salt-scented beaches of western Florida, from the lush green hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley to the perilous landscape of South Australia, Porzia’s journey promises freedom from earthly boundaries; it blurs the lines between safety and the unconventional, between love and fear, and between us and the gods.

''Dripping with desire, luscious language, plot propels...I want to live in this book. Please.''

 Ilene Segalove,Author/Artist/Photographer/Muse 

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