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Porzia's journey continutes...


"This bridge is where our dreams are tied together. ..
The place where we fight. Me, for my dreams. You, for your dreams. Please don't resent me."
(「この橋はそれぞれの夢へとつながる。戦いの場所。ボクは ボクの夢の為に。君達は 君達の夢の為に。恨まないで下さい」,
Porzia's journey continues.
From the first page, Magic carries Porzia and all of us into an exotic and fantastic world. Emerging from two years of grief, her quest for a soul mate takes her to Japan where an unexpected encounter with a mysterious and fatally attractive artist unleashes an irresistible whirlwind of passion. Music entangles them in a slow, sensuous dance. With the help of her esoteric teacher Evalena, Porzia has been honing her magic abilities. More confident and controlled, she now summons Magic at her will... with only an occasional flaring of rebellious powers.
Among scrumptious bites of delicious food and thirst-quenching sips of wine she summons a ghost from a distant past. The enigmatic message leaves her puzzled, but also determined to resolve the mystery hidden in the almond-shaped eyes of her dangerous and yet so passionate lover. Each intriguing and intoxicating page is another luscious bite into Porzia's world and the magical possibilities that may be there for all of us.
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“ Among the Clouds Dwellers is the start of something big. Giuliana Sica writes to the depths and heights of the human heart, and renders its yearnings with a magical, mystical, sophistication.” —Bradd Hopkins, Russell Dean and Company

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